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Goats: The ComicGoats: The Comic M-W-FHiatus since 4/30/104/30/97-(4/30/10)
UserFriendly - The Daily StaticUserFriendly - The Daily Static DailyNormal11/17/97
Bad MachineryBad Machinery"3 years later..." [after Scary Go Round]WeekdaysNormal9/21/09
WiguWiguYet another recurrence of Wigu! [A COMIC ON THE INTER NET]~DailyNormal?5/20/08
Sluggy FreelanceSluggy FreelanceThis here is my comic. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic.WeekdaysNormal8/25/97
General Protection FaultGeneral Protection FaultGPF Now!M-W-FNormal11/2/98
Bob the Angry FlowerBob the Angry Flower every Friday, maybe!Normal1992
SinfestSinfestThe Webcomic To End All WebcomicsDailyNormal1/17/00
The Wandering OnesThe Wandering OnesTracking danger in the year 2066 a.d.M-FNormal4/8/00
Clan of the CatsClan of the CatsAn Urban FantasyMondaysNormal6/20/99
SpacetrawlerSpacetrawlerA snarky, witty, spacefaring comic by Chris Baldwin (creator of Bruno and Little Dee)M-WNormal1/1/10
Kevin & KellKevin & Kell DailyNormal9/4/95
Exploding DogExploding Dog FrequentlyNormal1/10/00
Real LifeReal LifeScientifically proven to be 42% more entertaining than a bowl of cereal!WeekdaysNormal11/15/99
FreefallFreefall M-W-FNormal3/10/98
Errant StoryErrant StoryERRANT STORY is a graphic novel by Michael Poe, running online since 2002. It is a tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure set in a world of hired guns, ninja time mages, and genocidal elves, with the occasional sarcastic flying cat thrown in for good measure. The comic ended on March 19, 2012 and is now running again from the start with author commentary.M-W-FNormal11/1/02-(3/19/12)
Rerun 3/26/12
Does Not Play Well With OthersDoes Not Play Well With Othersyet another webcomic by Michael PoeM-W-FNormal1/1/11
Failure to FireFailure to FireFailure To Fire is the internetís first comic about gun culture in America. It contains adult romantic comedy, occasional coarse language, off-color humor at times, and various plot twists. On top of that, there will be strips every so often that are more than a little instructional, for those who are not familiar with firearms.
(By the creators of Two Lumps)
College Roomies from Hell!!!CRFHIt's the End of the World As We Know It
(Formerly College Roomies from Hell!!! -- If you thought college was hell... wait till you meet your roomies.)
Player Versus PlayerPlayer Versus PlayerA Webcomic about pop culture heroes
(and formerly Ding! on Sundays)
WeekdaysNormal5/4/98 (PVP)
6/15/09 (Ding!)
SheldonSheldonA 10-year old software billionare, his talking duck, and his grandfather. The story Charles Dickens forgot to write.WeekdaysNormal6/21/99
DriveDrive: The Scifi ComicA hero rises.
Same author as Sheldon.
Dork TowerDork Tower T-ThNormal1996
NodwickNodwick M-W-FNormal3/29/01 plus pre-web
Penny ArcadePenny ArcadeBrought to you by, um... YouM-W-FNormal11/18/98
Life on ForbezLife on Forbez M-W-FNormal8/3/00-(4/21/02)
Something*PositiveSomething*Positive[Also Midnight Macabre, Classically Positive, and Super Stupor, occasionally]DailyNormal12/19/01
Sabrina OnlineSabrina Online Early monthlyNormal1996
Get FuzzyGet FuzzyGet Fuzzy.DailyNormalSep. '99
The Devil's PantiesThe Devil's Panties DailyNormal10/8/01
Sam and FuzzySam and Fuzzy M-W-FNormal5/27/02
A softer world.A softer world."Touching, horrible, depressing, and blackly funny. This is brilliant stuff." -- Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan)M-W-FNormal2/7/03
Questionable ContentQuestionable ContentIndie rock, hipster romance, sentient computers.WeekdaysNormalSummer 2003
a dollar late and a day shorta dollar late and a day short(by Jin Wicked!)IntermittentNormal10/13/08
Bolt CityBolt CityHome of Copper, plus a lot of good art and linksCopper: About monthlyNormalCopper: 4/2002
Two LumpsTwo LumpsThe Adventures of Ebeneezer and SnoochM-W-FNormal3/16/04
Cyanide and HappinessCyanide and Happiness DailyNormal1/26/05
dinosaur comicsdinosaur comics WeekdaysNormal2/1/03
Family ManFamily Man
(der Familienvater)
Scholars, Wolves, Gypsies, and Jewsupdates FridayNormal3/1/06
Married to the SeaMarried to the Sea updates DailyNormal2/13/06
xkcdxkcdA webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.M-W-FNormalLate 2005
WondermarkWondermarkAn Illustrated Weekly JocularityT-FNormalMid-2004
Basic InstructionsBasic InstructionsYour all-inclusive guide to a life well-lived.M-W-FNormalJuly 2006
LioLio DailyNormal?
The Zombie HuntersThe Zombie Hunters M-ThNormalSpring 2006
Looking for GroupLooking for Group M-ThNormal12/18/06
LackadaisyLackadaisy SporadicLast update 8/16
Three Panel SoulThree Panel SoulTwo isn't enough, four is one more than necessary.~TuesdayNormal11/5/06
Gone With The BlastwaveGone With The Blastwave Occasional (Next was to be: Dec. 2010)Normal
(Last: #46)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaThe Adventures of Dr. McNinja M-W-FNormal1st drawn summer '04, 1st webcomic 10/05
Dresden CodakDresden Codak MondaysNormal2005
Gunnerkrigg CourtGunnerkrigg Court M-W-FNormal8/13/05
octopus pieOctopus Pie M-W-FNormal5/14/07
Penny & AggiePenny & AggieThe teenage years.
Learning. Growing. Changing.
And hating. Lots of hating
DilbertDilbert DailyNormal4/16/89
Pictures for Sad ChildrenPictures for Sad Children Occasional(Last 8/10/11)2007?
Buttercup FestivalButtercup FestivalWhimsy about someone who is not DeathSome MondaysNormal2/00, web 1/02 -

IndexedIndexedThis site is a little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others. I use it to think a little more relationally without resorting to doing actual math.{ PUBLISHED WEEKDAY
ExiernExiernA barbarian turned female, a princess in distress, and a dark wizard. And lots of boobs.1-2x/wkNormal6/9/05
Jesus Christ: In the Name of the GunJesus Christ:
In the Name of the Gun
Savior of mankind and die-hard action hero.M-ThNormal7/1/08-(4/17/09)
Least I Could DoLeast I Could Do DailyNormal2/10/03
Other People's BusinessOther People's BusinessFollow-on to Friendly Hostility. "After a tragic event, down-on-her-luck Daniela "Danny" Alvarez is being coaxed back into a life of normality by her best friend, sensible sous chef Mercedes, when a smart-mouthed sleazy little thief bursts through Danny's window and drags her into a world full of conspiracies, cults, and evil corporations, and accidentally gets Danny on the road to feeling human again."WednesdaysNormal7/20/09
Girls with SlingshotsGirls with SlingshotsTwo girls, a bar, and a talking cactusWeekdaysNormal10/1/04
They All Bleed the SameThey All Bleed the Same OccasionalNormal2/24/09
DreamlessOut ThereOne way of putting it is that itís sort of about life and love and responsibility and desire and loyalty and selfishness and pride and humility and despair and redemption and a bunch of stuff like that.WeekdaysNormal6/12/06
Space AvalanceSpace Avalanche OccasionalNormal2/2/09
Scenes from a MultiverseScenes from a MultiverseScenes From A Multiverse is a daily comic by Jonathan Rosenberg (creator of Goats) about what itís like to live in a multiverse. Each day, Monday through Friday, weíll visit another location somewhere in an ordinary, everyday multiverse and see how folks there live and play.WeekdaysNormal6/14/10

Risqué/Disturbing/Tasteless Comics! >:)

Red MeatRed Meatfrom the secret files of Max CannonWednesdaysNormal6/10/96
Edible DirtEdible Dirt MondaysNormal11/14/03
Not Safe For WorkNot Safe For WorkAn internet comic strip for unsafe workers and childish grown-upsWed+SunNormal5/15/05

Comics on Long Hiatus! :P

RPG WorldRPG WorldRole-Playing Game Action, Adventure, Comedy and Romance. Hero and his friends journey to fight evil.W-FIndefinite hiatus8/27/00-
Angst TechnologyAngst TechnologyCoffee and monkeys and ninjas ... oh my!WeeklyHiatus?8/28/00-(8/28/03)
Sorry, We're OpenSorry, We're Open WeeklyHiatus?4/1/04
the Perry Bible Fellowshipthe Perry Bible Fellowship WednesdaysIndefinite hiatus2001-(Feb 2008)
NiegoNiego Was every Monday...Hiatus8/04-(12/9/05)
Absurd NotionsAbsurd Notions
Why the Long Face?
IntermittentLong hiatusFall '89,
The Secret Friend SocietyThe Secret Friend SocietySalamander Dream (fin) & JellabyOccasionalHiatus?2/2/05-
Truck Bearing KibbleTruck Bearing Kibble ~MonthlyLast update 4/1/0912/29/06
A Spam A DayA Spam A DayRecycling Junk Into Art~DailyWas "Hiatus until April '09", hasn't returned4/3/08-(10/31/08)
Bruno the BanditBruno the Bandit M-W-FHiatus since 10/23/09, book update 2/1/117/28/98
Ozy and MillieOzy and Millie OccasionalHiatus before long-form?1/1/98-(1/1/09)
Midnight MacabreMidnight Macabre OccasionalHiatus5/23/05-(8/17/05)
Something*Positive - 1937Something*Positive - 1937 OccasionalHiatus9/7/"1937"[2008]-
Super StuporSuper Stupor"It's about heroes and villains in their everyday lives. Really, that's it."OccasionalHiatus11/26/07-
My New Fighting Technique Is UnstoppableMy New Fighting Technique Is UnstoppableMy New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable
Get Your War On!
Fighting: 12/14/07
War: #81
Witch DoctorWitch DoctorIt's a sick world, and Dr. Vincent Morrow's here to treat it.SporadicEventual next volume1/1/08
Manic GraffitiManic Graffitia world of warcraft webcomicM-THiatus again2/26/05-(4/23/08)
2/25/10, 3/18/10

Former Comics! :P

LinkNameTaglineReason for 'Former' StatusD.o.B.D.o.D.
Hound's HomeHound's Homean online comic strip updated EVERY FREAKIN' DAYSucks.9/6/99N/A
Project ThingyProject ThingyDaily Illustrated Electronic EntertainmentMerely a brief interlude in WIGU10/2/0010/27/00
MaxPanicMaxPanicslurpy slurpy slurpy monkey brains!Ended, artist got bored.3/965/00
Donald's DiaryDonald's DiaryNot a comic, but hey :)Went M.I.A.8/1/0010/15/00
Catgut & NickCatgut & NickJust don't ask for it by name.Stopped after five strips.7/12/009/26/00
WendyWendy Stopped, went with CuteWendy only.11/99~May '01
The Thin H LineThe Thin H LineAn Adult ComedyDisappeared, came back as Sexy Losers4/99late 2000
SketchComicSketchComicThe Life and Times of Magnus CoradStopped after a dozen strips or so.10/6/00Early 2001
WIGUWIGUThe comic strip for intelligent, attractive people with impeccable taste.Shifted over to WIGU. Same place, different characters.6/14/9912/2001
Living in GreytownLiving in GreytownThis is a comic about a town that has no escape, and the people who live there.Ended a 2-year run.1/10/001/10/02
Place Name HerePlace Name HereThe comic for people with nothing better to do with themselves!Ended, moving on.4/23/012/6/02
BoomslangBoomslangThe Digital Jungledemise comics ii ended,
iii started
The Parking Lot is FullThe Parking Lot is Fullthe most terrifying comic strip on earth.Artists outgrew the form and content of the comic7/29/945/5/02
BobbinsBobbinsThe All-New Bobbins ShowEnded, replaced by Scary Go Round, briefly at Modern Tales9/21/986/3/02
The Japanese Beetle!The Japanese Beetle! Ended, artist lost his enthusiasm.8/3/986/17/02
Cool Cat StudioCool Cat Studio Ended, bad sales, no future. Unfortunate, as it was a good story.3/13/007/8/02
OrgymaniaOrgymania Replaced by Story of the Pet Elf, same address3/4/01Mid-2002
Exploitation NowExploitation Now"...."Ended, followed by the unrelated Errant Story7/9/009/16/02
Blood LarkBlood LarkThe comic that will take over the fantasy genre!!!Another ended comic by Eight11/8/017/1/02
SephenSephenEnough mecha and girls to kill even the hardiest otaku.Yet another ended comic by Eight.9/2/022/03
Experimental Pilot Comic #4Experimental Pilot Comic #4 Reverted to Road Waffles3/025/02
ice cream for breakfastice cream for breakfast Went on hiatus, went away.9/10/00Mid-2002
MicrocosmMicrocosm Went on hiatus, went away.4/16/012002
What's Wrong With You?What's Wrong With You?demise comics iiiWent on hiatus, went away.4/29/02Late 2002
NosferatuNosferatuThe online serial animationWent offline for a while, now back and complete.10/24/99Mid-2002
The ForgeThe Forge Hiatus, then "back soon," then gone8/9/01?
Mall MonkeysMall MonkeysThe mall has never been this fun... or offensive.Discontinued: college=lack of money & time7/18/022/11/04
Dave Kelly's LIZARD!Dave Kelly's LIZARD!By the creator of Living in GreytownCame to an end2/21/022/22/04
Story of the Pet ElfStory of the Pet Elf Story arc ended, now part of SlipShineMid-2002Late 2003
AvalonAvalonAn original, daily comic strip by Josh PhillipsLife needed new definition, no more webcomics11/8/998/25/04
Two EightyTwo EightyA webcomic by Josh PhillipsLife needed new definition, no more webcomics5/7/045/14/04
Bite MeBite Mea webcomic for the distinguished vampireMoved to Girlamatic (pay site), eventually ended. Still great.12/01GM:3/03
WIGUWIGUThere is no "I" in "team," but there is in "family"That's a wrap.1/7/0212/31/04
Acid RefluxAcid Reflux Gone12/13/992/26/03
Residence LifeResidence LifeTastes great less fillingGone1/29/01?
Weak-End WarriorsWeak-End WarriorsGot Balls?Discontinued6/29/01-(8/11/03)
Late 2004
She's a NightmareShe's a Nightmare Completed5/20/022004
The TV Network Channel: WIGU-TVThe TV Network Channel: WIGU-TVIt's like if TV was actually good, and there were comics about the shows.Very brief interlude prior to Magical Adventures in Space1/19/05~2/2/05
Counter Culture v2.0: Concentrated Ownage EditionCounter Culture v2.0: Concentrated Ownage Editionuncanny retail comicCame to an endAugust 2003-
(Late 2004)

Lick My JesusLick My Jesus"Just eight minutes a day to useless enlightenment." / " appropriately absurd comic experience." / "Taste thou of thy savior..." / "The message is simple...we push people down stairs."Mission accomplished, folks parting ways.1/30/0211/29/05
WiguWiguA Delightful Comic About a Variety of ThingsWent to book form1/24/0512/30/05
Asylum on 5th Street - JinAsylum on 5th Street(also by Jin Wicked and Cory!! Strode)Cancelled due to poor financial performance, lack of interest, and personal reasons of the artist.10/20/03(6/8/05), (1/26/06)
Sexy LosersSexy Losers(formerly the Thin H Line)Lack of free time and ambitionEarly 200112/8/05
The Bruno Daily TimesThe Bruno Daily Times"Widely regarded as one of the best realized comic characters on the World Wide Web."
- "Newsbites" Online Magazine, Craig Menefee
Could no longer give it his all.1/962/14/07
AltermetaAltermetaSex, Dragons, and Rock & Roll! (In order of priority)Offline, permanently, for undisclosed reasonsEarly 20039/11/05
CONSUMERS: rest assuredconsumers: rest assured(another comic by Eight)Another comic quit by Eight.6/6/066/19/06
i <3th darthi <3th darththe i <3th darth comic adventure~Goodbye is like forever6/1/0510/23/05
CROSSROADSCrossroads Just a sample9/1/0510/15/05
Skirting Danger!Skirting Danger!WHOA!!Ran out of time/motivation9/16/035/30/05
Spamusement!Spamusement!Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!Just kinda stopped7/15/048/18/06, 10/20/06
LORE BRAND COMICSLore Brand Comics Just kinda stopped19972003 (2006?)
Bob and GeorgeBob and George Story came to an end after 8 years4/1/007/28/07
Road Waffles 3Road Waffles 3everyone loves trilogies, why not ambush the bandwagon?Never lasts longRW: 11/8/99-7/29/00
RW2: 4/14/03-?
RW3: 5/30/05
Mac HallMac HallSad but TrueMoved on.11/7/009/22/06
You Damn Kid!You Damn Kid!Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph! It's You Damn Kid!Ended3/1/997/26/06
Whispered ApologiesWhispered Apologies Ended4/26/055/12/06
The Pet ProfessionalThe Pet Professional Went to print2/9/054/26/07
Misty the MouseMisty the Mouse Comics slowed way down, then site content disappeared.12/11/003/7/07
Flintlocke's Guide to AzerothFlintlocke's Guide to Azeroth Picked it up long after it was done.12/9/0412/18/06
WiguWiguYet another recurrence of Wigu!Just stopped.11/22/06Last update 9/17/07
Busted WonderBusted Wonder Finished the story20076/23/08
[Pg 80]
Crap I Drew on My Lunch BreakCrap I Drew on My Lunch Break(by Jin Wicked!)Moved on.7/30/033/25/08
indietitsIndie Titsthese birds are hipper than you 4/1/05-
Ding!Ding!(A WoW webcomic by Scott Kurtz)Moved to Sundays @ PVPonline.com4/2008, 6/15/09 @ PVP3/30/09
Friendly HostilityFriendly Hostilitystand by your man... or at least drive the getaway carStory ended; some characters moved to >Other People's Business1/8/047/25/09
Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln HighDr. Devious vs. Lincoln High Disappeared2/2/04-(3/7/06)
Last update 4/28/07
Scary Go RoundScary Go RoundBy the creator of BobbinsEnded.6/4/029/11/09
T.A.VisionT.A.Vision Ended/Moved to Slipshine7/9/008/1/07
Little DeeLittle Dee Story drew to an end.6/7/044/4/10
thingpartthingpart Artist decided he'd rather work on some other comics projects.2/9/0512/30/09
[Gravity][Gravity]there's more to gravity than fallingStopped, disappeared eventually.5/06-(7/24/07)11/07-11/07
DreamlessDreamless Story ended1/5/097/26/10
SlipShineSlipShinecomics for people who think sex is FANTASTICWent pay-only?Ongoing
Ghastly's Ghastly ComicGhastly's Ghastly ComicTentacle Monsters and the Women Who Love Them.Went on hiatus, didn't return5/9/017/x/07 & x/x/08
Lucid TVLucid TV Stopped updatingEarly Spring 20067/20/09
The FatHeadThe FatHead Account deleted/purged12/16/055/10/06, 2/11/07
FLEM ComicsFLEM ComicsMore fun than a sack of dead kittens.Went from story to random crappy one-shots around 09/071/1/98-(3/7/06)
May still be going
return to senderreturn to sendera hair-shirt for stick-in-de-mudsArtist too busy, then to print?10/11/05, update 8/24/07
SumSum Went missing. Site still there, no comic.??
LoserzLoserzCynical Punk-Ass TeenagersWent on hiatus 11/23/04 - 1/30/05; site now gone/squatted8/14/011/30/05
No Socks in the Meat CoolerNo Socks in the Meat Cooler No news since 9/14/04, "2001-2006 R.I.P."1/5/01-
The Adventures of PoutineThe Adventures of PoutineNefarious Space Pirate!Stopped updating 5/19/046/30/035/19/04
Waiting for BobWaiting for Bob Went on hiatus, didn't come "back soon"1/11/9912/23/02
BetaBeta"I'm not dead yet. I feel happy! I feel happy!"Artist never got "back on schedule"7/4/005/7/02
SMUT!SMUT!Adventures in the Magical Land of... SMUT! (free cartoon porn)Stopped updating2/28/011/17/03
WinterWinteran online graphic novelStopped updating, now redirects to Blank It8/6/01-(8/14/02)
Lethal DosesLethal DosesSw33t With a Capital 3!Went dormant, later started Blank It with another artist2/22/00-(6/21/01)
2002 sometime?
The Bunny SystemThe Bunny System "Thatís alllll, folks."5/24/045/27/11
FreakAngelsFreakAngels23 years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment. 6 years ago, the world ended. This is the story of what happened next.Story drew to a close.2/15/088/5/11


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