The best things since sliced Ned.
Bits and Pieces -- nifty little things.
The Big Green Button -- can you resist?
Rob "citric" Starling -- a cool friend o' mine.
98 Rock Baltimore -- local-when-I'm-home rock.
Free Information -- 'picking, hacking, and 'narchy
Quotes, Quotes, and More Quotes -- need I explain?
I, Rearrangement Servant -- Internet Anagram Server.
Cardmaster -- send someone an electronic greeting card
Jelly Belly Sample Request -- try around 9:30 PM EDT.
Mediafind MP3 Search Engine -- one of the best around.
Select a Virtual Bouquet -- just the right thing to send by e-mail.
Spirit of Christmas -- kick the parents out. Ever heard of South Park?
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards -- musical and animated!
Virtual Pie-In-The-Face! -- something entirely different to send by e-mail.
Second Spin -- The best site for buying and selling used CDs and Movies!
The International Lyrics Server -- you won't find a better search anywhere.
Love in Language, Poetry and Quotes -- Poetry, lyrics, sonnets, and rhymes, for the love in your life.
This car is a god.Oh yes. It will be mine.God a is car this.
Cuz people couldn't guess.
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