Bloomberg Gun Giveaway II  
Protesters and their signs

Protesters and their signs

Description : "Choose Life, Not Handguns -- Just Say No"1, "Try a Bake Sale Instead"2, "Gun Nuts Made U.S. a Laughingstock", "Annandale != Chesterfield County, Annandale !=Danville, Annandale != NYC -- Leave us out of the fight!"3, "Even I Know Better"4, "Raffle Life Not Death", "Stop Selling Illegal Guns"5, "Don't Raffle Off Violence", "Moms fOr More gun controlS", "Who Needs a Semi-Automatic Pistol?"6, "1 Semi-automatic Helped Kill 33 People, Remember?"7

1) Except for the lives handguns save.

2) Doesn't sell nearly so well.

3) Annandale isn't "part of the fight"--that's just where the monthly VCDL meetings are held!

4) No, you don't--your parents are exploiting you.

5) If the sales were illegal, there would be charges, not lawsuits.

6) Well, see, my musket is just too clunky. (Or: Where to begin?)

7) And one or two others could've decreased that number drastically.

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