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Bar.  Don't walk into it.

Perpetually.Currently under construction. Please pardon the asbestos.Perpetually.

Bar None.

OK, maybe not of the Gods, but of me. Scott Kreidler, Cornell class of 2001. Mechanical Engineer-for-hire. Come on in, sit for a while, sift through my wares/z. You're sure to enjoy. :-)

Handsome, eh?Me, and

Super!My twin. See the similarity?

Not for the strong-willed.You have time to waste.

Need to find that special something? Here are some of my fave Search Engines. Plus some more.<flash><flash><whirr><flash><flash>

Check out Far above Cayuga's Waiters., and the Men's Lightweight Crew team for which I coxed in fall '97.

My state-of-the-art high school, the Still trying to figure out that statue.

Lacking the news? If you don't get it, it will get you.Hey.. ya know.Extremely newsworthy.

Need to find that special someone? Try these.

See it and hear it in Real Audio.  Real Video.  Really.. Listen and look at some of the web's most upper-middle quality.

<flash><flash>Try it and see. (If only for the Viper pix.)

Illegal stuff that no one can look at. Shh.

And let's not forget to talk about the weather.

Well, as you might have guessed, that just about clears my (best viewed with) Netscape Bookmarks.

(Not to mention my Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites.)

Any Questions?, comments, flames. duh., etc., drop me a line. it's -that- easy.

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It's really not.  But it was.''satan outside'' just didn't appeal to me.

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