This page might get more content later, but for now it's just a few pictures of me. :)

Carving a jack-o-lantern, Halloween 2001
(The Evil Eye look)
More carving
(The Intent look)
Still more carving
(Another Intent look)

Pic from my fraternity composite (Seal & Serpent Society, Cornell U)
(The Solemn look)
Good Scott & Evil Scott, from a ball some time ago
(The Evil look)
One of my better (though older, no facial hair) ID pix
(The Scruffy look)

Pic from Macaroni Grill, 12/28/02
(The Inquisitive look)
Pic from Sarah Kendall's house, 12/29/02
(The Silly Hat look)

Pic by Melody, 7/6/03
(The Upward Profile look)
Pic by Melody, 9/13/03
(The Kitten-Curl look)


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